Dr. Brodak graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia where he achieved High Honors in the area of Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease. He is a member of The American Optometric Association and the Maryland Optometric Association.

In addition to providing general eye care for glasses and contact lenses, Dr. Brodak provides medical eye care services for patients. These include many common eye conditions such as Conjunctivitis, Iritis, Dry Eye Disease, Diabetic and Glaucoma care. Dr. Brodak also has extensive training in the area of LASIK, PRK, and other refractive procedures to reduce or eliminate one’s need for corrective lenses. He served as the Clinical Director for a local Laser Eye Center, helping over 50,000 patients achieve better vision without glasses and contact lenses! Dr. Brodak has also lectured on various topics including Ocular Disease and Current Refractive Technologies.

Enhancing the quality of each patient’s lifestyle by helping patients choose which options are best for them (glasses, contacts, or Laser Vision Correction) is something he takes great pride in doing. In addition to providing excellent care for his patients, Dr. Brodak is married and has five wonderful children.